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Hanswarft 11
25859  Hallig Hooge

Fax: 04849/337
E-Mail: klaudiakbendixen@aol.de

Opening Hours

01.04-31.10 daily 10:30 am 4:30
and by appointment

The „Königspesel“ is located in a so-called eaves house, which was erected by the captain and shipowner Tade Hans Bandix in 1776. The “Pesel” is the most impressive room. It is fitted with Dutch biblical tiles and remarkable paintings on the doors and the ceiling. Furthermore the room contains many art treasures that originate partly from past centuries. King Frederick VI. of Denmark chose this fashionably furnished room for his overnight stay when he was surprised by a storm tide (1825) while he visited the Hallig (“Halligen” are small islands off the Schleswig-Holstein coast). This is why the room is called “Königspesel” (the king’s parlour).