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District Judge’s House, Schwarzenbek
Körnerplatz 10
21493  Schwarzenbek

Fax: 04153/52240
E-Mail: mail@amtsrichterhaus.de

Opening Hours

Fri, Sat, Sun 3-6 pm

The former house of the district judge was only recently restored along with the old post office and the house of the district reeve. It is situated in a charming park. Schwarzenbek belongs to the Lauenburg district. The knights’ family Wulf to Swarte Beke founded the village by building a castle. Once the village lay in the “jungle” between the Saxons and the Slavs. Today it is located on the important Hamburg-Berlin route in the “Sachsenwald” (Saxons wood). The Bismarck family owns this wood for the most part. They live close-by near Aumühle. Numerous special exhibitions mainly on arts and crafts, graphic arts and cultural history are presented in the former house of the district judge today. In addition, chamber concerts and other events take place there.