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St Peter’s Lübeck
Am Petrikirchhof 1
23552  Lübeck

Fax: 0451/3977329
E-Mail: info@st-petri-luebeck.de

The “Petrikirche” (St. Petri Church) is one of the large medieval brick churches of the Hanseatic town. Its appearance as a spacious hall with five naves goes back to the 14th/15th century. In 1942 it burnt down completely. The extensive restoration was concluded with the renovation of the interior in the 1980ies. Almost empty, whitewashed and characterised by a distinctly cool atmosphere, the room with its pillars and vaults presents a spacious setting not only for services but also for the presentation of contemporary art since then. In this field the Petrikirche has become a forum that is internationally well-known for its spectacular exhibitions, installations or events.