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Mölln Farm Museum of Local History
Bockhorn 43
25436  Tornesch-Esingen

E-Mail: vorstand@kulturgemeinschaft-tornesch.de

Opening Hours

May - October every 1st Sunday of a month 2-5 pm and by appointment

The Local History Museum Mölln Hof was opened in May 2007. It is located in a former farm building and has a total area of about 800 qm. The shown historical items have been collected by the supporting association. They are presented in issue- and function-related sections. The collection mainly focuses on items and machines that are related to farming, diary farming, the cutting of peat, on historical tools of cartwrights, cobblers, joiners and carpenters as well as on kitchen and household items of the 19th and 20the century. The exhibition explains how the items and machines were used. In addition, regional connections are shown as far as possible. It is planned to offer projects for pupils on topics of local history.
The museum only opens during the summer months. It is only accessible within a guided tour.
The exhibition is still under construction.