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Marne Skat Club Museum
Museumsstraße 2
25709  Marne

E-Mail: info@amt-marne-nordsee.de

Opening Hours

Tue-Fri+Sun 2:30-6 pm, groups by appointment

The „Marner Skatklub“ (Marne Skat Club) established the collection for the most part. It is located in the “Skathaus” (skat clubhouse), which was built in 1905. Later the town of Marne took over the collection. From 1977 to 1979 the “Institut für Volkskunde” (Folklore Department) of Kiel University redesigned the exhibition. In addition, the museum presents interesting prehistoric finds from the periods of the “Muschelhaufenkultur” (shell midden culture – late Mesolithic), the Neolithic, the Bronze and the Iron Age.The cultural history section comprises furniture from farmers and middle-class citizens, household items like earthenware, faïence, chinaware, silverware, jewellery, textiles, folkloric graphics as well as furnishings of the old Marne church.