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European Hanseatic Museum
An der Untertrave 1
23552  Lübeck

E-Mail: info@hansemuseum.eu

Opening Hours

Open daily 10am–6pm, except December 24

The European Hansemuseum, situated on the north side of the old town island, has enriched Lübeck's array of museums since May 2015. The biggest museum ever dedicated to the history of the Hanse stands on a site covering some 12,000 square metres. A combination of staged historical scenes, cabinets with valuable original objects, the latest museum technology and interactive features enable the museum to convey an informative and fascinating impression of the world of the Hanse, whose legacy can still be felt today. It all combines to create an exciting journey through 800 years of Hanse history.
Visitors will discover daring and triumph, a world of riches and power, failure and struggle, deadly dangers and the all-pervasive influence of religion. The myths and legends that grew up as the Hanse was supplanted by other social and economic systems are also examined. The museum encourages visitors to customise their tour: a smart ticket can be used to select a language, a particular town and a topic of interest, opening up a very personal perspective on the Hanse.