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East German Museum of Local History and Culture
Stadtweg 57
24837  Schleswig


Opening Hours

Thu, Fri 2.30-5 pm and by appointment

The “Ostdeutsche Heimatmuseum” (East German local history museum) is housed in the “Präsidentenkloster” (the president’s cloister) since 1979. Here, in the middle of Schleswig town a lively collection has been established. It conveys an impression of daily life, attitude towards life, culture and traditions of the people who lived in East and Central Germany before 1945. The human tragedies following war, flight and expulsion are made a subject of discussion as a reminder of peace, tolerance and consideration for others. The “Ostdeutsche Heimatmuseum” is designed as a meeting place. It aims to inform, recollect, remind. Also, discussions are to be stimulated.
The exhibition of the museum is subdivided into several rooms that represent different regions. Costumes, models, photos, commodities and other things show regional particularities to the visitors.
Exhibitions on changing topics, events and lectures are presented on the upper floor of the building.