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Mediendom of the Kiel University of Applied Sciences
Sokratesplatz 6
24149  Kiel

Fax: 0431/2101751
E-Mail: service@mediendom.de

Opening Hours

according to the programme (to be found at www.mediendom.de)
for visits with school classes and nurseries or guided tours please call our service telephone.

360° film productions from Kiel have been internationally acclaimed and are being performed in digital planetaria all around the world. In the dome of the Mediendom you will experience science in an entertaining and spectacular way. You can embark on a fascinating journey into the times of the natural scientist Charles Darwin, or through deep space. Accompany your children into a fairy tale adventure or the world of the polar bears in the arctic! Dive into overwhelming computer generated films with the music of Pink Floyd or U2! Travel to the imaginary roller coasters of a gigantic interplanetary theme park!