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Museum of the Eiderstedt Region
Olsdorfer Straße 6
25826  St. Peter-Ording

Fax: 04863/703337
E-Mail: museum@museum-landschaft-eiderstedt.de

Opening Hours

April-October. Tue-Sat 10 am - 5 pm, closed on mondays
November-February Tue-Sat 11 pm - 4 pm,closed on mondays

The museum of the Eiderstedt region has been in existence for 100 years. Donations by Tönning citizens enabled its foundation in 1902. In 1951 it was moved to St. Peter-Ording into a house of the mid-18th century. Finds from the end of the first millennium and of settlements that were later submerged by the sea are presented in one section. In modern times West Frisian settlers developed Eiderstedt. By the building of dykes the influence of the sea on this region was restrained. Luxury cultural possessions from 250 years prove the wealth of the farming landowners. Amongst these exhibits are furniture, household tools, lighting objects and especially pewter ware, silverware, ceramic, household items and West Frisian clocks. Models of the 18 churches in Eiderstedt (12th century) and records of the history of the 19th century as well from the region as from the former duchies are shown. The history of the famous silver goblet that was donated by Prince Noer of Augustenburg in 1860 is especially emphasized. In 2002 a new section on the 125-year history of the seaside resort was opened.