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Besucherzentrum Arche Warder DOMESTICANEUM
Langwedeler Weg 11
24646  Warder

E-Mail: info@arche-warder.de

Opening Hours

The visitor centre is open Tuesdays to Sundays 10-17.
Mon.: day off
School classes and other groups have access from 9 am.

Humans and pets - time travel through the millennia
How did dogs become our best friends? How did the pig become a farm animal? How did humans and chickens come together? These and other questions are answered in various rooms of the interactive DOMESTICANEUM visitor centre.
For the first time, the history of domestic and farm animals over the millennia can be experienced on 300 square metres.
The exhibition focuses on interaction: through multimedia offerings such as games, video installations, sounds and life-size models, you can experience the exciting development of domestic animals and their role in the cultural history of mankind at first hand.
Come with us on a fascinating journey through time - from a Paleolithic cave to the "farm of the future".